Summer For Skint Teens

Since A levels are officially over, the somewhat freedom and liberation now begins…well for the richer Teens that is.

As a working class jobless girl from a secluded town, summer holidays can be quite tricky. Whilst studying for my A levels I landed myself a cleaning job within my college at a £7.70 hourly rate, and for someone who has had many poorly paid jobs over the past few years it was brilliant to be earning over the minimum wage of an 18 year old. However, the downfall was I had to quit whilst my exams were approaching due to putting my studies first (which is slightly annoying when you’re an 18 year old who wants to go out and create memories with friends, and lets face it that costs money.) So like the Green Day song ‘Longview’ life for a poor Teen is pretty boring. Through hours of contemplating life itself due to having no physical interaction with the outside world, I have created a few ideas which can help cure the boredom.

  1. Try a new hobby. This may seem quite basic and somewhat boring, but it seriously does help. Personally as a Punk music lover learning to play the guitar has always been one of my dreams, and since I saved a few quid whilst working I was able to buy one of my friends old acoustic guitars for £20. Obviously we don’t all have people offering cheap guitars or other instruments to us at our doorstep, but try looking through charity shops or e-commerce corporation facilities such as ‘eBay’ and ‘Amazon’. It is also a ‘starter’ guitar, meaning it is relatively smaller than most and thus decreasing the price. Since buying the guitar, I have already mastered 6 chords (Which is actually much more difficult than you think.) Other pastimes can include reading which is also a huge hobby of mine since a young age, especially now having the time to read the majority of my Stephen King Collection.
  2. Pets. Sadly, the only pets that I own are 4 goldfish so if you’re in my predicament, it is possibly off the table. However, if you’re one of the lucky individuals to have a pet such as a dog or a cat possibly try spending more time with them such as: taking them out for walks, playing with them, grooming them etc. Once again this is a period within your life of absolute freedom from the wider world of full time work. I have been begging my parents to adopt a pet, but after loosing my childhood dog a few years back I do not see it happening any time soon.
  3. Walking. Due to not owning a walkable pet, this leads to walks either on my own or with friends. You may think that it sounds boring, but if you have a good music playlist on your phone or a few friends to join you, it can be quite fun! It takes us back to a time without phones and social media where the only ways of interacting was face to face. Don’t get me wrong, I love social media, but sometimes it is healthy to have a rest once in a while.
  4. Latch on. Luckily for me and like many others, I have a family of music lovers. This has meant that due to being skint, I have had to latch onto my mum and Stepdads concert goings (Luckily we have the same taste) And as a celebration of my birthday and finishing A levels, they took me to see my favourite band of all time ‘Green Day’ in London Hyde Park for the British Summer Time Festival, and previously Download festival. You may think latching onto your parents for social opportunities is uncool, but if you have parents who have similar tastes in leisure, why not! If you are also a music lover who has a short amount of money, free festivals are also god send! Especially if you live around the Coventry area, to which Godiva Festival is held for three days every year within July. I personally was only interested in the Rock line ups such as The Darkness, who were brilliant! So by googling free festivals or events near me you can see and take part in many opportunities.
  5. A part time job/Volunteer: If you are extremely bored and have no money at all, then a job may be best! Try asking in your local towns or village, such as a Fish and Chip Shop (Due to the majority of the time they are always in need of staff, as I personally have worked in one), or of course if there are no jobs, Volunteer. As someone who volunteered for The Red Cross, I can unarguably say that volunteering is one of the best decisions I had ever made. It is a great opportunity within your life to build as a person and looks great on a personal statement. If you are too shy to volunteer on your own, try thinking about taking part in NCS, which you can read about in my previous blog.
  6. Last but not least, if you are creative or just like making things, try creating blogs or vlogs! As an upcoming and extremely popular leisure activity, why not have a go at creating daily vlogs or blogs to stimulate your brain to keep the boredom away. Due to wanting to head into the journalism and writing sphere, bogging is hugely important to me and is find it fun! Write or talk about your daily activities, hobbies, politics etc. Whatever ‘floats your boat’ as many say.

At the end of the day, we only get so many summer holidays within our lifetime so try not to waste it…especially not in front of the TV all day (To which I fall accused of sometimes.)




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